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Italian enterprises have at their disposal a broad range of government instruments designed with the aim of supporting internationalisation.

To this end the Ministry of Productive Activities has produced a guide aimed at providing operators with an easily accessible information base on the instruments by which the government seeks to facilitate the internationalisation of their projects. In addition to “traditional“ instruments aimed at supporting businesses in the so-called “commerce-related” phase of internationalisation, which is characterised by the activation of export flows toward foreign markets, the guide also analyses new concessions designed over recent years with the scope of sustaining the internationalisation of “production”, i.e. the transfer abroad of entire phases or segments of production within a framework of “multi-localisation” that establishes businesses in a broad variety of markets, thus rendering them increasingly competitive.

Venture capital funds are targeted at sustaining Italian business investments in areas considered to be of strategic geographic importance in the development of our country’s productive system. The funds’ rotating nature allows for the activation of a self-fuelling mechanism that guarantees the perpetual availability of financial resources earmarked for this purpose.

The guide’s choice of foregrounding clarity and ease of understanding rather than comprehensiveness was a conscious one. To this end, the instruments are described in the form of tables schematically outlining the intervention types envisaged, principal regulatory references, resources available and procedures and timeframes within which to obtain concessions.

The guide, entitled Strumenti di sostegno all’internazionalizzazione delle imprese italiane can be consulted on website