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Ambasciatore Manzo incontra il Presidente della Commissione per l’Integrazione Europea, Marinika Tepic

European Integration Committee Chairperson Meets with Italian Ambassador in Belgrade

The Chairperson of the European Integration Committee Marinika Tepic met today, at the National Assembly House, with the Italian Ambassador in Belgrade Giuseppe Manzo.

2016 08 31 manzo e tepic pe news 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 – At the beginning of the meeting Marinika Tepic extended condolences to the Italian Ambassador, citizens and the families of the victims of the devastating earthquake suffered by the central regions of Italy.

The Committee Chairperson than thanked Italy for its help after the catastrophic floods that struck Serbia in 2014, adding that Italy has always been a friendly country.

She also said that the bilateral cooperation between Serbia and Italy has always been at an exceptional level, evidenced in the regular exchange of political visits and added that the two countries’ trade and economic exchange has always been of great importance for the citizens of Serbia.

“Italy has always unequivocally supported Serbia’s EU accession and it is a support we can always count on”, said Tepic.

The Committee Chairperson highlighted the important role the European Integration Committee plays in the negotiations process, saying that the Committee receives Governmental proposals for negotiating positions, which it then reviews and grants consent to.

She emphasised the importance of the Berlin Process, within which Italy is to preside over the next Western Balkans Conference, hoping that on the occasion Italy will take active part in Serbia’s process of accession to the community of European countries, where it belongs, Tepic concluded.

The Italian Ambassador thanked the Committee Chairperson, the high representatives of the Republic of Serbia and the citizens for their solidarity and all the help they extended to the Republic of Italy and its citizens who were hit by the devastating earthquake

The Italian Ambassador went on to say that he was pleased the Committee was chaired by a woman, one belonging to the majority party in the parliament. He stressed that Italy enjoys friendly relations with Serbia and suggested that this legislature’s friendship group with Italy be even bigger.

Ambassador Manzo said that it is his opinion, and the opinion of the Italian institutions, that Serbia i.e. the Balkans are part of Europe and Italy is ready to offer all necessary technical assistance to Serbia on the path to the EU. He believes that the key question Serbia should ask the European Union is what Serbia, already a European country, can do in Europe itself.

The officials agreed that Serbia’s EU accession is not a technocratic or bureaucratic question – it is a political question.

The Chairperson of the European Integration Committee Marinika Tepic stressed that during her mandate she will strive to promote European, that is human values, which are in themselves the Union’s values, in order to raise awareness on the benefits of EU membership.

(fonte Parlamento della Repubblica di Serbia)