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"ITALY. Land of Wonders" - A videogame to discover Italy at any age



foto italy land of wonders

From 19 July 2021, the videogame “ITALY. Land of Wonders " will be available for download on App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). Produced in the framework of a collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian developer Forge Reply, this is the first videogame, unique in its genre, which aims at promoting the Italian cultural, artistic and urbanistic heritage before the younger and older foreign public.

"ITALY - Land of Wonders" is free to access and allows the players to discover at the same time a lot of news and information about Italy both from a geographical-naturalistic point of view and an artistic or cultural one, including the gastronomic heritage. Who plays can thus discover many curiosities, unusual news and well or lesser-known places in Italy, using the video game both as a game to pass the time, but also as a sort of a cultural handbook or original tourists guide to get to know Italy better by the means of an unusual digital journey in Italy.

In this sense, "ITALY - Land of Wonders", which is translated into 10 languages, aims to reach multiple age groups: for the 10-15 year range, it is especially indicated for the playful aspect; for the 16-35 range it is also useful on a linguistic and tourist level; finally, for the 35+ range, its cultural, gastronomic and naturalistic contents are recommended.

The protagonist of the game is Elio, the elderly lighthouse keeper, who makes the sun rise over Italy and turns on the lighthouse every morning towards a different area of Italy. The goal of the game is to recover 20 sparks around Italy, one for each of the 20 Italian regions, which will turn on the lighthouse and the sun will rise.