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Prima Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo



The Extraordinary Italian Taste




The First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World seeks to address the themes that have been successfully discussed at Expo Milan 2015 and embedded in the Charter of Milan, namely: quality, sustainability, culture, food safety and security, the right to food, education, identity, community, and biodiversity.

The project is part of the plan for actions favouring the agrifood sector and Italian cuisine, aka the Food Act, launched by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Resources in July 2015 on behalf of the Italian government and within the framework of the actions envisaged by the MOU for the promotion of Italian cuisine abroad. It was signed by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Agricultural and Forestry Resources, and Education, Universities and Research, on March 15, 2016.

The coordination during the Week of Italian Cuisine will be entrusted to a Task Force appointed by the Protocol offices and chaired by the Farnesina.


The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is a yearly event promoting Italy's gastronomic culture abroad, exhibiting its quality and excellence. Cuisine is one of the essential components of Italy's identity and culture, as well as one of the features of Italy through its brands.

The values inspiring the event are the following:

· Integration of the activities of the Week with the Extraordinary Plan for Made in Italy promotion, with reference to the enhancement of authentic Italian agrifood products;

· Focus on the traditions, handicrafted products and innovation excellently expressed by chefs and wine masters;

· Promotion of wine and food itineraries and production areas, also from a touristic standpoint;

· Internationalisation of Italian cuisine through specialisation opportunities abroad for young Italian chefs and the presentation of Italian top-quality gastronomy;

· Dissemination of the values of the Mediterranean Diet nutritional model;

· Presentation of the Italian educational offering in the wine and food sector, with reference to economic and management matters, in order to attract foreign talents and promote the use of top quality Italian products;

· Promotion of knowledge regarding agrifood and wine products, especially ones wth a protection label (DOP, IGP, organic, DOGC, DOC, IGT, etc);

· Cuisine as a means of solidarity, exchange and dialogue between peoples, social inclusion and food education in schools.


MAECI, in close cooperation with MIPAAF [Ministry of Agricultural Policies and Forestry], has triggered a teamwork action involving all public and private stakeholders who have, in various ways, represented top level Italian cuisine and Italy in the world. Participants included institutions (Ministry for Economic Development and the ICE Agency, the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Ministry of Cultural Property and ENIT [Italy's tourism promotion agency], together with regional governments and associations, cooking schools and networks of certified Italian restaurants, major designers and wine and food businesses.

The major stakeholders have been Italian chefs of international renown as well as young students of cooking schools. Their participation across the world has been essential to promote highly representative events. The major benchmark for the activities is the Farnesina's network of missions abroad, which include 295 diplomatic and consular offices as well as Italian Cultural Institutes. These facilities coordinate all the initiatives from the various players on the Italian scene in order to best use resources, forming a critical mass and ensuring consistency.


There are over 1300 events to promote top quality Italian cuisine: seminars on food sustainability and certifications; meetings with chefs; recipe book launchings; tasting of products and dinners; events promoting business; cooking courses; conferences on nutrition in sports; furniture shows; design exhibitions; tourist itineraries promotions; and communication, with special reference to social media.

The cultural aspect is of major importance. Many events, in fact, envisage the screenings of films and documentaries on food, conferences on the history of cuisine, concerts, language courses, and photo exhibits on related subjects.


This year, the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World will take place from Nov. 21 to Nov. 27, with slight variations in some countries, depending on local conditions. This is to ensure high visibility and effectiveness of the initiatives. Events will take place in over 100 countries across the world. Some countries have been pinpointed as locations of enhanced promotion and communication actions, namely the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, and United Arab Emirates.

The official launching of the First Week's programme has been scheduled for Oct. 26 at Villa Madama, with a press conference featuring the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Paolo Gentiloni.






09. novembar 18.00 Beograd - Italijanski Institut za Kulturu Projekcija filma “La cena”
15. novembar   Beograd - Hotel Hyatt Regency Master klas / Vođena degustacija vina iz regija Kampanije, Apulije, Kalabrije i
Siciljie. Manifestacija će biti usmerena na someliere i specijalizovane
novinare sa prostora Balkana i povezana je sa Berzom vina koja će se održati
21. februara 2017.g. u Beogradu.
16. novembar 18.00 Beograd - Italijanski Institut za Kulturu Projekcija filma “Quando l’Italia mangiava in bianco e nero “
21-27 novembar   Beograd - Trgovinski centri Izdavačka kuća Color Press Grupa (najznačajnija u regionu) sarađivaće sa Ambasadom Italije u Beogradu na promociji Nedelje italijanske kuhinje (uključujući promotivne manifestacije i degustacije proizvoda)
21-27 novembar   Kulturna asocijacija“Piazza Italia” iz Subotice Kurs italijanske kuhinje u organizaciji kulturne asocijacije “Piazza Italia” iz Subotice
21-27 novembar   Italijanski restorani u Srbiji sa sertifikatom markom "Ospitalita' italiana" Promocija Nedelje italijanske kuhinje u italijanskim restoranima u Beogradu, uz specijalan menu i degustaciju tipičnih regionalnih jela
22. novembar 9.30-13.40 Beograd - Italijanski Institut za Kulturu Seminar “Food quality policy – the Italian experience” o organskim prehrambenim proizvodima / sertifikati o kvalitetu
23. novembar   Beograd - Univerzitet Singidunum Prezentacija vrhunskog kulinarstva sa šefom kuhinje Đovanijem Arvoniom (Giovanni Arvonio) namenjena srpskim šefovima kuhinje, koja će se održati na Univerzitetu Singidunum sa kojim je Italijanski kulturni centar potpisao sporazum o saradnji u ovom sektoru
23. novembar   Beograd - Restoran Homa Degustacija i svečana večera za stručnjake iz oblasti sa šefom kuhinje iz regije Kampanija, Đovanijem Arvoniom (Giovanni Arvonio)
23. novembar 18.00 Beograd - Italijanski Institut za Kulturu Projekcija filma “Lunga vita alla Signora”
30. novembar 18.00 Beograd - Italijanski Institut za Kulturu Projekcija filma “Pasta nera”
07. decembar 18.00 Beograd - Italijanski Institut za Kulturu Projekcija filma “La Cena per farli conoscere"


VIDEO - Zvanični video - Nedelja italijanske kuhinje (RAI)

VIDEO - Ministarstvo spoljnih poslova Italije i italijanska kuhinja visokog kvaliteta

VIDEO - Izvrsnost čini snagu (Ministarstvo spoljnih poslova Italije)


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Počinje i u Srbiji prva Nedelja italijanske kuhinje u svetu   

Nedelja italijanske kuhinje, u Beogradu večera sa proizvodima iz italijanske regije Kampanija