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Discover Italy


Discover Italy

A holiday "Made in Italy"




The richest artistic heritage in the world, the warmth of the Mediterranean, breath-taking landscapes, extraordinary variety of flavours and great events: live an unforgettable holiday.


Italy, a land of art and history


Italy has been, since antiquity, the centre of history, culture and art. Our museums, collections and archaeological sites reveal countless tokens of the past and the many civilizations that have passed across this country, evidence of which is still inextricably woven into the present day landscape.




Artistic wonders can be found everywhere, and every corner of the country holds countless and wonderful surprises. Our artistic and cultural heritage is one of the most valuable in the world. Italy has more cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country. The Italian art cities are some of the most visited destinations in international cultural tourism. Rome, Florence, Assisi, Venice, Siena, Pisa, and Naples are its most renowned cities of art, but the whole country can boast towns of breathtaking beauty, as these numbers demonstrate: 95,000 monumental churches, 40,000 forts and castles, 30,000 historical residences with 4,000 gardens, 36,000 archives and libraries, 20,000 historical cities and towns, 5,600 museums and archaeological sites.


Napoli  Venezia 


Italy offers a rich combination of masterpieces from different areas, blending landscape and culture, history and art, architecture and city planning - it offers an exciting journey through time, from the Ancient Greeks and Romans to the present day, which is also filled by a wealth of art and culture.




Our territory 

1 - The Sea

With its approximately 7,500 km of coastline, Italy is the ideal place for water lovers. The wide variety of its beaches makes it perfect for every type of vacationer in search of nature, fun, and rest and relaxation. The Italian coast, with its countless gulfs, coves and inlets, touristic ports and long, sandy beaches, is truly adapted to the water lover’s every demand. It is chock-full of fishing villages, and coastal cities with sea resorts and day beaches - much of it easily reachable by car, train and planes, and vessels large and small. Other beauties of the sea are our numerous isles, from the biggest ones, Sicily and Sardinia, to many others all around the Peninsula, all of them rich of their own tastes and flavours.




Sicilia Sardegna


 2 - Italy, Territory of Peaks and Pinnacles

In all its territorial variety, Italy boasts a large number of beautiful and evocative mountain localities, ideal for visiting any time of year, whether summer or winter. From north to south, the Italian mountain scene offers tourists a range of landscapes: lakes at high altitutude, incredible forests, enchanting villages and borgoes rich in history, traditions and, of course, gastronomic pleasures.

Sports, fun and relaxation marry themselves perfectly well in a mountain vacation in the Bel Paese, both amidst snow or in the conditions of fairer seasons.
The major part of Italy’s mountain retreats also invite visitors to experience a wide array of cultural and outdoor activities each season: ski, alpine skiing, snowboarding, trekking and Nordic walking, mountain biking… not to mention excellent structures for ice skating, swimming, tennis, horseback riding… the list just goes on!



The large European mountain range rises in the northernmost extremity of Italy, defining the geographical boundary. The imposing Alpine ridge passes through a number of regions, from Liguria to the Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, and Friuli Venezia Giulia


le Alpi  le Alpi 


This mountain range unites the two extremities of Italy, from Liguria to Calabria. The mountains of the Apennines are not so high as the peaks of the Alps, but they are nevertheless home of exceptionally beautiful wild landscapes, which are also home to an abundant animal population.


Appennini appennino bolognese


3 - Italy, Territory of Lakes

Italy has many lakes; in fact, there are over a thousand, renowned for their incomparable beauty and each is characterized by distinct features. Lakes Garda, Maggiore, and Como, now well-known throughout the world, have become ideal destinations for spending some time in the sun and in close contact with nature. Italy’s major lakes are fully equipped and offer a range of accommodation facilities. The beaches provide all the comforts and are suitable for bathing. In addition to relaxing, visitors can have fun testing their skills with a variety of outdoor activities.
Italy's lakes create enchanting landscapes thanks to the extraordinarily prosperous ecosystems that have developed over the millennia, and the evolution of the many and various plant and animal species. Small Alpine lakes, which are quite common in high-altitude areas, are excellent destinations for exciting hikes to explore breathtaking landscapes.


lago di como 

lago Garda  lago Braies


4 - Italy, Territory of Nature and Wildlife

Wildlife parks boasting untainted beauty offer an ideal setting for those who decide to spend their vacations in contact with nature, discovering Italy’s flora and fauna, visiting its sunny islands and surrounded by the typical Mediterranean landscape.
Tourists can enjoy an unforgettable experience exploring Italy's rough and wild environment. There are many national parks well worth exploring: the Gran Paradiso, Circeo, Stelvio, Dolomiti Bellunesi, Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga, Cilento and Vallo di Diano, and Gargano National Parks, the parks of Calabria and Aspromonte, not to mention the Maddalena and Tuscan Archipelagos, the Vesuvius, the Cinque Terre National Parks, and many other protected areas, nature reserves, and marine parks.


italian flora wild fauna


5 - Italy, Territory of Taste

Italy has always been a synonym for "good food," offering an unmistakable explosion of flavors, scents, and aromas. Aside from having one of the most famous cuisines in the world, it also proposes an immense variety of different regional dishes and recipes. The staples of the Mediterranean Diet – the health benefits of which are well-known – are bread and olive oil.

World-renowned products such as Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan) cheese, Parma and San Daniele ham, Modena balsamic vinegar, Genoa's pesto, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, Alba truffles, and cured meats are just some of the symbols that make Italy the land of good food. And how could anyone forget pasta and pizza, universal synonyms for Italy?

Italy’s wines, those noble ambassadors of Italian excellence throughout the world, must not be neglected. The pleasure of tasting a fine wine in its native environment is unparalled - a glass of Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino in Tuscany, of Barbera or Barolo from Piedmont, of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene in Veneto, of Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna, or the Sicilian wines or the white wines in Friuli and Trentino-Alto Adige, or the great reds of the Valtellina, just to provide a fine few exemplars. It would be impossible to list all the features of Italian wines, sought after the world over for their variety and their quality.


food 01 food 02


The Extraordinary Italian Taste


6 - Made in Italy

Made in Italy is an expression that recalls the image of high-quality Italian products throughout the world. The reason behind this expression’s fame? Made in Italy is, by now, an authentic brand symbolizing the excellence of Italian artisanship and manufacturing.

From footwear to pret-a-porter, from bicycles to automobiles/motorbikes and, undoubtedly, excellent enogastronomic traditions, Italian products bearing the prestigious Made in Italy title are highly-coveted the world over - for their integrity and durability, design originality and creativity, and for their distinct tastes and flavors.

Numerous encounters, fairs, and showrooms promote Made in Italy year-round, frequently putting together the character of the trade show with the cultural event, creating occasions to jump into the immense history and art of the Bel Paese.

Many artisanal and industrial manufacturers guarantee Made in Italy status and origins with internationally-recognized labels, such as DOC wines (Denomination of Controlled Origin), DOP or PDO cheeses (Denomination of Protected Origin), and many others that regard textiles, decor and furnishings and fashion accessories, protected by licenses and copyrights assuring their singularity.

Alongside the producers themselves, many consortiums work to guarantee the realization, conception and origins of Made in Italy products. Other independent agencies check for quality, monitoring for adulterations and counterfeits.

Many tourists visit the Peninsula exclusively to experience the world of Made in Italy: the exploration of the places where culture, industry, history, art and good taste result in unique and beloved cuisines and articles of design, and the exploration of the traditions and methods that lead to their creation. And of course, hardly anyone can return home without taking with them at least one memento to remind them of their exciting discovery of Made in Italy.


made in Italy


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